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Browse our selection of curated scents and customize your refill subscription.

Each candle is made of 100% coconut wax. Our three-wick, 20 oz. refills have a burn time of 100 hours.  And a curated selection of heavenly scents helps you create the right candle for any occasion.

Darjeeling Cassis
A luxurious, layered scent that combines fresh exotic citrus with musky floral tones for the scent sophisticate. The perfect candle for early mornings and lazy afternoons.

Santal Spice
Enticing notes of cardamom are complemented by vanilla and orchid, on top of a woodsy base. This scent provides a mystical pick-me-up on rainy days.

Oceanic Tobacco
Keep your home fresh with this light, woodsy scent that brings to mind all the best things about the outdoors. Burn with your windows thrown wide open for a refreshing and relaxing vibe.

Fig Amber
The aroma of fresh figs comes together with rich amber for a scent that is both soothing and refreshing. This soft and earthy scent is always a crowd pleaser.

Kyoto Quince
Exotic spices combine with the fresh scent of quince for a scent so bright you can almost smell the clear blue sky. It’s a perfect way to keep the vibe light during get-togethers.

White Tuberose

A modern bouquet of tuberose, white peony, and jasmine with underlying notes of tamarind and sandalwood will keep your space feeling elegant and smelling fresh.  For when you can’t jet off to a European chateau, this scent is a close second.