Build Your Candle

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Tell us how often you want to be enjoying your new candle. Don’t worry, you can pause, edit or cancel your subscription at any time.

  • $45 Monthly

    Burn 3-4 hours / day

    Ideal for those who enjoy the glow of a candle everyday. Always have a candle burning for about a dollar a day.

  • $45 Every 2 Months

    Burn 1.5 hours / day

    Ideal for those who enjoy an everyday candle experience but aren’t home enough to make that happen.

  • $45 Every 3 Months

    Burn 1 hour / day

    Ideal for those who love candles but forget they have them.

  • $75 One-time Purchase

    One-time purchase is ideal gifting for others and yourself. Once you fall in love with our scents, you will be needing a refill in no time.