Your Haven for Perpetual Candle Enjoyment

Have you ever splurged on a beautiful, delicious smelling candle, found the perfect spot in your home, only to realize—you rarely use it because you are “saving it” for a special occasion?

With traditional candles, each time you light the wick, there’s a small feeling of regret knowing that your candle’s lifespan is dwindling, and the beautiful vessel you chose will soon go to waste. Replacing these candles is not only costly, but also wasteful. Why waste a beautiful candle vessel as soon as the wax runs out?

That’s why we created Haven—a sustainable solution for perpetual enjoyment of quality candles.

How It Works 

Haven offers the first truly-customizable, subscription candle experience that is both friendly to the earth and your wallet

First, choose the vessel that best matches your decor style. Our vessels have been intentionally designed to complement any interior aesthetic and finishes include marble swirl, modern concrete, and warm terrazzo.

Next, choose a scent that fits your mood and environment.  We have carefully selected the best of all scent families, and most Haven members embrace the seasons with their monthly scent selection.  Our hand-poured, three-wick candle will fill your home with divine aromatics for over 100 hours.

An all-natural coconut wax votive nests perfectly into your long-lasting Haven vessel. Replacement votives are conveniently delivered to your door based on a cadence for your desired burn rate. Just as the wax begins to run out, a new votive arrives to replenish your Haven vessel—and your candle enjoyment abounds.

A Sustainable Model 

Our philosophy is that every home should be based on form and function which means sustainable and intentional choices.  

We use renewable and recycled materials, to bring modern design, warmth and light to your home, and our hand-poured, coconut wax is clean burning.  

With Haven, you get the best of everything the continual glow of all-natural, luxury candles at a reasonable price.

It’s time to create your Haven. Get started 

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