Father's Day: Meet Oceanic Tobacco

Fathers like great scents too! Oceanic Tobacco is the perfect scent for your Father's Day candle gift. 

Keep your home fresh with this light, woodsy scent that brings to mind all the best things about the outdoors. Oceanic Tobacco takes us back to Big Sur. Maneuvering the winding roads, the majesty of the Redwoods, the power of the waves… Cozy and enchanting. Memorable without being overpowering - this scent is as non-committal as sending that “Maybe” RSVP.
Scent notes: Thyme, tobacco leaf, hyacinth.

Haven offers customizable, all-natural coconut wax candles featuring lux layered scents with the help of essential oils. Clean-burning, non-toxic and eco-friendly. To shop for your candle gift, visit createyourhaven.co or send us a DM on Instagram (@create.your.haven) to order your personalized gift card!

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