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We thought the candle industry needed a refresh.

Haven offers the first customizable candles delivered on a recurring subscription. Burn your candles more often knowing your next shipment is on its way.

The process is simple.

  • 1Pick your frequency.
  • 2Pick your vessel.
  • 3Pick your scent.

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Browse our one of a kind scents.

Darjeeling Cassis

Our signature scent is luxuriously layered and combines notes of a full-bodied black tea with musky floral tones. Your home will smell like a bougie hotel, without the late checkout fees.

Scent Notes: Black tea, jasmine, sandalwood

Santal Spice

Enticing notes of cardamom, vanilla and orchid are complimented with a woodsy base. This cult fragrance might have your house guests overstaying their welcome, but don’t worry we offer gifting.

Scent Notes: Clove, orchid, cedar

Oceanic Tobacco

Keep your home fresh with this light, woodsy scent that brings to mind all the best things about the outdoors. Memorable without being overpowering - this scent is as non-committal as sending that “Maybe” RSVP.

Scent Notes: Thyme, tobacco leaf, hyacinth

Fig Amber

A yummy scent that blends the sweet aroma of fig with smooth vanilla amber, sandalwood and black cherry. Feel like royalty with this earthy yet regal scent - crown not included.

Scent Notes: Fig, black cherry, vanilla

Kyoto Quince

Exotic spices combine with fresh quince and black currant to make this bright and energizing scent. It’s a pick-me-up almost as essential as your mid-day coffee.

Scent Notes: Quince, black currant, ginger

White Tuberose

A fresh, modern bouquet of tuberose, white peony, and jasmine with underlying notes of tamarind and sandalwood that will keep your space feeling elegant and smelling sweet. For when you can’t jet off to a European chateau, this scent is a close second.

Scent Notes: Tuberose, white peony, jasmine


All the ambience and none of the fragrance. Ideal for outdoor or dining areas.

We’ve vetted our ingredients so you don’t have to.

Our 100% coconut wax is blended with scented essential oils and is free from harmful chemicals; 
go ahead, show off your indoor air quality.

100% Coconut Wax

100 Hour Burn Time